In collaboration with local shepherd and sheep shearer, Kasper Ledet Hansen, we continuously work to improve the quality of the wool, while producing wonderful yarns from the wool of his sheep and lambs. Our ambition is to gain as much knowledge about the wool and the logistics of collecting Danish wool, that it can be used by larger spinning mills and be part of the Isager woolen yarns in the future.

At the same time, we wish to tell the story about the wool as part our wardrobes. The magnificent capabilities of wool and how to treat it the best possible way.

The spinning mill will be open to visitors upon registration, but we will also host workshops in spinning using an old-fashioned spinning wheel and a hand spindle, how to plant dye yarns, and in various felting methods.

The machinery is delivered by Belfast Mini Mills in Canada with financial support from LAG.


Get a tour of the mini spinning mill at Uldens Hus

Every Friday at 12.00 PM or by appointment for larger groups.

DKK 60,- per person for approx. 1 hour of presentation or DKK 80,- if the groups wants tea/coffee included.

Sign up:
It is required to register for a tour. Call Uldens Hus to register: +45 53 67 50 48


Come visit the shop at ULDENS HUS. In the shop you can buy the yarn from the spinning mill along with patterns appropriate for the yarn. You can also buy needle felting wool and felted items from the spinning mill and spindles, sheep cards, knitting books, woolen plaids, skins from local sheep, woolen slippers from “Glerup” and wool clothes from “Blus’bar”.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 11.00 – 16.00


Have you reach a dead end on your knitting project, or do you find that a certain technique is causing trouble, or maybe you just want to enjoy a moment of knitting in the company of others? No matter, you are welcome in the knitting café at Uldens Hus. We are at the ready with knitting support, inspiration, and tea/coffee.

It is free to attend but tea/coffee is DKK 20,-.

The Knitting Café takes places every Thursday in june 2024 from 14.00-16.00 in the afternoon.


Uldens Hus offers workshops in various subjects like spinning, knitting, felting and plant dyeing. Everyone in all ages is welcome to participate. Babies are welcome as well; we have facilities for heating bottles and changing diapers.

We are currently planning the next workshop programme. The plan will follow as soon as possible.

Sign up by writing an email to uldenshus@isagerstrik.dk no later than 2 days before the workshop takes place.


At Uldens Hus we have a beautiful garden where you are welcome to take a walk and enjoy the many gorgeous plants and flowers. You can also say hello to Thyra, Ann, Alma, and the other sheep grazing alongside Uldens Hus.

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